Getting Older and Slower.

About Me

Update: December 26, 2017 at 2:55 pm
Going to try documenting my journey back to a fit me. Sitting at 260 lbs., Took some pictures to document my journey, it’s going to be a long road.

Update: November 7, 2016 at 7:09 pm
These day’s… just trying to get by. Kids and life take up a lot of time. I am fairly heavy, but chipping away at it. Had injuries as a young adult rear up and shorten my time in the Crossfit game. That was the most fun I ever had working out. It is a shame really that I never dieted enough to get ripped. Alas, here I am.
Take it easy!

Update: January 14, 2012 at 2:14 pm
A little about me… The Big Slow White Guy is currently in his upper 30’s, a tad under 240 pounds.  I am married and am a father of two boys.

I have been up and down the weight roller coaster through out my life, mostly an issue once I started working in the Information Technology field combined with an obsessive compulsive habit for video gaming.

I was a varsity letter award winner in high school in three sports; Football, Basketball, and Tennis. I had a couple Honorable Mentions but was never spectacular. I did what was asked of me and was more of a thinker on the football field.

I followed high school up with a trip to Paris Island, United States Marine Corps. Although it was tough, I just blended in like I normally do. Never got in much trouble, and just got by. I ended up playing football in the USMC, for TwentyNine Palms, base team. It was at this point that I really noticed how much “weight” and “fitness” had to do with sports.

I have a weight time line, which I will be posting on another page, but playing football with 30 additional pounds of muscle\size was an amazing difference (155 vs. 185).

Once I returned from the USMC, my friend Jim called me every morning so we could go work out. I quickly gained more size and was a respectable 205-210 and throughly enjoying my new found athleticism. I was playing semi-professional football with a small team out of Fairfield County. We weren’t that good, and you can’t keep people around if you aren’t paying for their time…

It was probably around this time in my life, mid-twenties, that I started playing video games and drinking heaviliy. I quickly ballooned to 260 pounds or so. I have never returned to below 210…

I had a brief stretch when in my lower 30’s where I dieted down, lifted a ton, and reached 213 pounds. That was quickly left behind as I came home from NJ and drank and ate all summer, fall, and winter. All the way back to 255…

In 2009, I ran a half marathon with my father and cousin, which forced me to cut some weight while training. I ended up cruising through the half at an easy 12 minute mile pace (my fathers’) at a respectable 225 pounds.

2010 I set a goal to run a 10 mile race, which made me drop from 245 pounds to 230-235. Not bad, Not good. I finished this at an even 10 minute mile pace.

Returning to 245-250 in the year 2011, I had pretty much given up. Bored with gyms’, bored with running, bored with everything. My cousin Eric keeps talking this workout known as “CrossFit” he has been doing. In August\June I started at a local CrossFit gym.

The rest of my story, is currently “Work In Progress” as I am now enjoying “fitness” as a whole and now have a desire to become healthier so I can be around a long time and see my family as long as I can.

Stay Tuned, and thanks for reading!