Getting Older and Slower.

Bike: “LA Fitness Spinning Class with Marjie”

Bike: “LA Fitness Spinning Class with Marjie”
Time: 56:43
Distance: 23.08 Miles
Pace: 24.4 Mph
Cals: 779
HR Avg: 144 bpm
HR Max: 174 bpm
Elevation: ???
Watt Max: 721
Comment: Third class this week! Torched myself knowing I had dinner waiting for me at home. Have a lot on my mind lately and a heavy heart. It makes me more positive by just doing simple exercise. It clears my head and makes me think a lot more rationally. New Watt PR and probably my fastest avg pace. Sure hope this will translate to weight loss and a better run time here soon.

This playlist is great too. Love the first song!


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